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Horizontal Completions Optimization Western Canada 2014 Congress

"Completions Have Eclipsed Everything Else From Both A Dollars And Complexity Perspective Over The Last Few Years."

The purpose of the first Horizontal Completions Optimization Western Canada 2014 congress, which took place in Calgary on June 24-25, was to collate correlated data on reservoir characteristics and completions design with production performance to determine optimal completions strategies for new wells and reduce the cost of horizontal completions in liquid rich carbonate, shale, waterflooded and layered plays.


Rapid technological advancements in completions systems, fluid types and proppants can allow operators to achieve greater depths and fracture layered formations with less expenditure on operation time and equipment costs, but only through effective tool deployment and combined knowledge of the reservoir.

Improved diagnostics and core analysis techniques in the past two years have enabled operators to gain a heightened understanding of formation characteristics, lithology, rock composition and stress regimes across reservoirs. However, the challenge remains to isolate and compare completions variables and reservoir characteristics with production results to pinpoint the factors that will improve fracturing operations, achieve more accurate frac modelling and increase stimulated reservoir volumes.

The Horizontal Completions Optimization Western Canada 2014 congress combined the foremost technological developments in completions design with comprehensive evaluation of formation specific challenges impacting fracture execution across the WCSB's most lucrative plays, through comparison based technical talks and play specific case studies.

The operator led sessions evaluated completions design and fracture stimulation in the Montney, Cardium, Duvernay, Viking, Swan Hills and Bakken by comparing variables including system selection, frac fluids, proppant types, well spacing and design to determine the optimal completions design to combat formation characteristics including layered shale reservoirs, sandstone, carbonates, limestone, HPHT and formation heterogeneity throughout the WCSB.

Missed The Event?


There are huge cost savings to be realized in the completions of horizontal wells and opportunities to maximize stimulated reservoir volume…

...The greatest challenge to do so is determining the most compatible, low-cost completions design to effectively propagate the most lucrative zones of the reservoir be it in a carbonate, shale, waterflooded or layered formation.

E&P operators and completions specialists at the WCSB's first Horizontal Completions Optimization Western Canada 2014 received a selection of the most up-to-date comparative studies from operators working in the Montney, Cardium, Duvernay, Viking, Bakken and more, that showed which techniques have been proven successful in increasing production performance in specific reservoir types:

What was unique about this congress?

  • DATA DRIVEN SOLUTIONS: Correlated data between reservoir, completions types and production performance is key in optimizing well economics, therefore a full two days have been entirely dedicated to data driven solutions for the optimization of horizontal completions operations
  • EMPHASIS ON COST REDUCTION: As completions cost represent the highest expenditure in any well, the agenda has been designed to provide comparisons of production results, completion types used and overall costs to allow operators to gain practical solutions for improving long-term recovery and reducing overall completions costs
  • FORMATION SPECIFIC CASE STUDIES: Completions designs and executions need tailored to the formation specifications they are operating in therefore separate E&P led case studies will examine results from sandstone, limestone, carbonate, shale, tight and multi-layered formation completions in the most lucrative WCSB plays to demonstrate the most current and successful completions operations for various rock types
  • DUVERNAY FOCUS: With the Duvernay rapidly becoming potentially one of Canada's most lucrative unconventional oil and gas prospects, a section has been dedicated specifically to the play. Case studies from leading Duvernay operators will provide results and learning's on how to economically complete wells with high deliverability in the deep, tight Duvernay reservoir
  • RESERVOIR INTERPRETATION: Day 2 provides results-based studies for improving fracture stimulation through the analysis of stress regimes, rock type and microseismic data analysis to improve frac modeling and maximize stimulated reservoir volume across every play


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